Bon Appetit Product Launch at Nilgiris Brigade Road and Thom’s Bakery Frazertown

21 Dec

Front_Pork_CurliesWe made it! From yesterday, 20.12.2012, onwards we are available with our new packaging in Nilgiris and Thoms Bakery.

Not less than nine delicious German sausages will now enrich the shelves of modern retail markets. For the first time in India, you will find a real German Bratwurst, Nuremberger, Krakauer, Cheese Sausage, Chicken Sausage with Chives and many more.

We are proud to serve you now the long awaited premium Bon Appetit products at your supermarket next door and guarantee best quality free of soya, free of lactose and free of artificial colorants. Convince yourself of the luscious and extraordinary taste experiences that take you on a culinary travel straight to Germany and back.

Try our Chicken Sausage with Chives for only 99Rs per 150g or surprise your friends with our Pork Curlies, the hearties sausage that has satisfied every hunger so far.

We are looking forward to serving you with German Master Butcher’s Finest!

Bon Appetit.


Presenting Our Newcomer: The Pork Nuremberger – Now Available in Supermarkets

20 Dec

Pork Nuremberger

We are proud to introduce our new retail product Pork Nuremberger which will be available in designated stores at Rs 114/150g. Our new product, Pork Nuremberger, is made from the finest quality pork flavored with Marjoram. The luscious sausages are perfect as a wholesome meal at your breakfast table and are good to go for a lunch snack in office. The small size sausages facilitate portioning your children’s lunchbox.

Bon Appetit!

Pork Nuremberger

20 Dec

Whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in-between – our Nuremberger Sausage is complimented with marjoram and is a versatile all-rounder that will delight all meat-lovers.
Bon Appetit!

Pork Nuremberger

Cooking Instruction:

Thaw. Fry in pan or grill on medium heat for 2-4 minutes each side until golden roasted.

An Interview with Zubin Poonawala

19 Dec

Interview with Zubin Poonwala

Mr. Zubin Poonawala is the National Sales Manager of Arthur Foods Company Private Limited. He has always been a hardcore Foodie by nature and is a true hobby cook himself.
In the interview, Mr. Poonawala explains why Bon Appetit products are unique in the market, the increasing significance of nutritional values in India and where he sees Bon Appetit in the future.

Mr. Poonawala, what is the concept of AFC and how is it connected to Bon Appetit?

Arthur’s Food Company is a German Food company based in Bangalore. We started operations in India in September 2011 producing German style pork and chicken products. Our products do not contain soya (any fillers), lactose or any artificial colorants. Although we are a young company, we have already developed 37 products and constantly develop new delights according to consumer demands. “Bon Appetit” is our retail brand bringing 9 extraordinary sausages in the market. 7 of them are unique in the market so far.

What makes your products truly German?

Our Products are according to German standards, because we import ingredients from Germany. Furthermore, the recipes are all German. Our machines are all imported from Germany and the production area is supervised by our German Master Butcher.

How do you think Bon Appetit is positioned in the market in comparison to its competitors?

Bon Appetit offers extraordinary and exotic products that have not entered the market in India till date. In addition, I am very sure that all our products will move faster because our pricing for the product quality we offer, is excellent. We offer the customer a totally new taste experience with many different flavors. Most products you find in the market are of plain tastes. Our products, like the Garlic Krakauer or the Nuremberg Sausage with Marjoram, have an intensive flavor of its kind.

How would you rate the awareness levels of Indian Consumers about the nutritional benefits of meat?

We see an increasing tendency for a demand of high nutritional value products in India. Indians have become very conscious about healthy, natural or organic food. Especially parents are sensitive about hygiene standards and trustworthy food production. Arthur’s Food is an ISO 22000:2005 certified company. This includes HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which is the most important certificate for food processing companies. It proves and certifies highest hygiene standards on an international level.

Do you think that Bon Appetit meat products are limited to only High-Class Society?

Our pricing is very competitive. Our Chicken Sausage with Chives is available at 99Rs/ 150g. The Nuremberg Sausage is available at 114Rs/150g. We want to be a premium brand available for everyone.

What are the good attributes of your Bon Appetit products?

Apart from the quality, we approach the new trends of  BBQ and get-together. Bon Appetit wants to contribute to the wealth and holiday feeling you have on Sundays at brunch and breakfast, shared by the whole family and friends. Our products contribute to a new taste experience and bring you the traditional fests you associate with Germany. The hearty sausages are very luscious and so rich in aroma. Our sausages are very well connected with parties, snacks in-between, but also candle-light dinners. Each of them is very versatile and invite you to be creative in the kitchen.

Which is the fastest selling product?

Our fast-movers are  the Chicken Sausage with Chives, Pork Cheese Sausage, Pork Garlic Krakauer, Pork Curlies

Where do you see Bon Appetit in the future?

We gained great confidence after receiving great compliments from star-chefs and the best Hotels in India. In 2013, we will bring the brand to all modern retail supermarkets in India, from Assam to Trivandrum.  We invite curious hobby-chefs and house wives, home gourmets and hungry fellows to try our premium sausages and surprise their friends, get-together and enjoy afternoons and evenings on the balcony or terrace. Long story short, in the future I see Bon Appetit being available in all modern supermarkets all over India.

Thank you!

Sausage Risotto at Olive Beach Bangalore

12 Dec

Wow! We are so proud! Chef Manu Chandra uses our sausages for his Sausage – Risotto at Olive Beach. Go, taste, dream endlessly.


Rendezvous @ Jacques

11 Dec

After the great success of last week’s get-together at Jacques Brasserie we are  happy to invite you to come to Lavelle Road on Friday, 14th December again. Our specials? A variety of luscious German Style Sausages, Dutch beer and a relaxed atmosphere in Jacques French oasis. So get your friends and family and join us right after work!

Flyer Jacques grilling 14


Pork Cheese Sausage Deep Fried

10 Dec

Bon App Page 4


Jacques Brasserie offer for today’s event 5th December 2012

5 Dec


Meat and Greet – Jacques Beer and Sausage Feast

3 Dec

The first Meat and Greet – Jacques Beer and Sausage Feast starts this Wednesday, 5th December.
Therefore we love to invite you and celebrate Jacques new Brasserie after his successful and beloved Restaurant in Whitefield.
Now, Jacques makes it happen and holds a German Sausage and Beer Feast at his new location in Lavelle Road 25/4.
Come along and have a feast with Jacques, Kingfisher and Bon Appetit!
We are happy to see you and feed you with the best mixture of French-German cuisine.

…et voilà, Bon Appetit!Flyer Jacques grilling Black

Grilling event in Shillong

3 Dec

IMG_4006In November India’s Northeast fell in love with Bon Appetit! Many people came to celebrate Shillong’s Autumn Festival and enjoyed 2 days of fantastic live acts, relaxing atmosphere, incredible nature and of course our freshly grilled authentic German Sausages served with home made potato salad. Even Toshanbor Singh Nongbet, a local singer and one of “India’s Got Talent“ finalists, came back for more! Thank you Shillong for the great time! We will be back next year!

German Master Butcher's Finest now in India

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